Technique Introduction


This technique derives from ancient China and has been proved to be an effective and efficient methodology for people to be recovered from their body disorders especially chronic diseases. We call it Life Energy Circulation.

The way how it works is totally different from the current main stream understanding of medical treatment and it is a completely different system from what we understand as hospitals. It is based on the summary of human experience of body Facts and it has become a complete system with its own theories and practices which has been proved to be effective and efficient as a matter of fact.

We have witnessed and gained vast experience for the past few years by instructing hundreds of persons with different chronic problems to practise this health care technique from which their lives were back to normal from chronic-diseases suffering. So we are confident that this technique will bring unexpected and amazing changes to your body and your life.

So if you have been suffering from chronic illnesses by many years, and you have tried many ways including hospitals and doctors, special diets, various kinds of supplements, exercises, etc. but with little or no help, this health care technique based on a totally different system is strongly recommended.


The objective of this technique is to effectively activate, nurture and increase the total amount of Life Energy in the body to a much higher level than ordinary within a short period of days by its 4 steps, so that the blockages of the meridians could be cleared and the self-healing ability could be much strengthened which would lead to a great improvement on the chronic illnesses.   

In another words, the objective of this technique is actually only aiming at nurturing and increasing the total amount of Life Energy for a person. It is not for any particular diseases. The effects such as clearing meridian blockages, increasing self-healing ability, help with chronic illnesses, etc. are only “Side Effects”, but the “Side Effects” supported by strengthened Life Energy will have great power in dealing with physical disorders of the body.

Upon completion of all the four steps, there will be an circulation of Life Energy moving around the body and be witnessed by yourself which indicates that the total amount of Life Energy has been upgraded to an upper and outstanding condition. That means a sound energy basis has been established within your body and is able to bring you back to normal or even a healthier and more energetic life than ever before.

Way of Practise

When you practise this technique, what you need to do is simply sitting still and relaxed on a Flat chair only in a quiet environment without any body movements. While you are sitting, your breathing and mind shall closely work together as per the detailed instructions of each step in our course video. It has 4 steps in total. Each step requires the mind to be focused on particular and different parts of the body while inhalation or exhalation . This is why it is an unique technique comparing with others.

Models of Practise

Intensive Model

It means from 9am to 9pm with several 30mins to 60mins sitting sections. Between each sitting, there will be a 15mins break. There will also be roughly two-hours breaks for lunch and dinner.

And it should be continuous for 7 – 9 days.

If you are able to arrange the time, we would strongly recommend this Intensive Model, because it has the best effort and in the fastest manner. 

Long Term Model

Three Times a Day in the Morning, Afternoon and Evening respectively, and each time of sitting is 30mins to 60mins.

And it should be continous for 1 – 3 months

Body Reactions

At each step, particular areas of your body may have different and obvious feelings, such as warm, cold, itchy, distension, ache, heaviness, etc. Different person varies and these body reactions are the indications that the blockages of the body are under penetrating and the disorders are under healing while the Life Energy is nurturing. These body reactions are good signs of recovery.

High Efficiency

It is highly efficient because the completion of the whole four steps normally takes only 7-9 days under Intensive practising Model. For only a few persons whose original amount of Life Energy are Quite low, they may take a little longer time. Within the few days of practsing, along with the increase of your Life Energy, the symptoms of your chronic disease will decrease in a great extend or even vanish.

Expected Effects

As stated above, this health-care technique is not for any particular diseases but to enhance the body as a whole and remedy the body defects simultaneously. Along with the practise of this technique, the Life Energy of your body will be nurtured and accumulated into a higher level and in a fast way. As stated in the Basic Concepts, the Life Energy is the power source of the self-healing ability. When the Life Energy becomes stronger, the self-healing ability gets stronger at the mean time and becomes capacble of restoring any physical disorderson your body. It is illustrated by large number of cases that this technique has obvious effects on major chronic diseases listed below:

– Gastritis – Diabetes – Constipation – Gastroptosis – Rheumatoid arthritis – Prostatitis – Colitis – High or low blood pressure – frequent micturition – Hepatitis – Insomnia – Urgent urination – Indigestion – Fatigue – Irregular menstruation – Nephritis – Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) – Gaseous distention – Migraine – other difficult miscellaneous diseases, etc.

By practising this technique, the situation of the above illnesses will be improved in a great extend within the short days of training even before the establishment of your Life Energy Circulation, and there are many fully cured cases under daily basis of practice. This is a health keeping technique which can be useful for the entire life.

Qualified Candidates

  • Persons with acute disease history, epilepsy, depressive and/or other mental disorders are Not qualified.
  • Pregnant women are Not qualified.
  • Women who’s in the menstrual period should stop practising.
  • Children under 10 years old are Not qualified.
  • Persons with age above 80 are Not qualified.
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