We are a group of persons who devoted ourselves into the profound traditional culture of China which continuously lasts for thousands of years. The more we learnt, the more we came to realize the wisdom and effectiveness of our ancient sages.

It is true that they didn’t develop the scientific system as that in our times, but it should not be the reason for us to feel superior towards them, because some of their achievements are the things we are still not capable of doing or even understanding after developing for thousands of years. The direction of their development looks quite different from the direction of ours which lead them to much deeper insights and more closer to the nature of this universe and human beings from other perspectives. 

So we are glad to share their understanding of this world and the methodologies they established to benefit people in our times trying to solve problems that remain inextricability under our modern knowledge systems particularly from the aspect of health.


Mr.Liu Yi

Head of Life-Respecting Culture Studio

The People’s Republic of China

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