Basic Concepts

To understand how this technique could help you on your chronic illnesses, we would recommend the following basic concepts and understandings for you to go through.

1. What Is A Meridian Indeed?

As many people already knew, there are many energy channels within human body. These channels are called by different Names in different disciplines and in different countries.

Since ancient China on, we have been calling them Meridians and there are twelve regular/main meridians and eight extraordinary meridians. These are main energy channels within human body. Besides, there are also countless and tiny channels throughout the entire body which also connected with each other.

But what is a meridian indeed? Why could not these meridians be witnessed by scientific inspection equipment and by anatomy? Do they really exist?

Well, the answer is surprising, cause Meridians Do Not Exist.

When we normally say something Exist, the premise is that the Thing is of matter nature and it is some kind of material that can be inspected in one way or another. Based on this understanding, the meridians do not exist, because meridians are not any kind of matters. They do not have any visible Tube like blood tube. Actually, Meridians are continuous tunnel-shaped Space within human body. These continuous spaces are tunnel-shaped by the inner structure of human body. These spaces go between skins and muscles, go between muscles, bones, organs, cell tissues, etc. The points where the size of space are larger than normal, they are called acupuncture points.

That is actually what meridian is, and that is why they can not be found by scientific devices and anatomy.

2. The Energy In The Meridians.

The thing fulfilled in the meridian space is Life Energy and we’ve been calling them Qi (Chi) since ancient China. Other disciplines may call them differently and that’s OK for one thing with different names.

3. What Does The Life Energy Do?

It is called Life Energy because it is the fundamental energy source for all body activities including the inner body activities that the mind cannot control, such as organ functioning, glandular secretion, self-healing, etc.

The more Life Energy, the more power on the functioning of all the body activities including the Self-Healing ability. That’s why the methodology which is able to increase the total amount of Life Energy is able to heal the body by itself over many chronic diseases.

Detailed mechanism will be illustrated in Point 5 to 8 of this section.

4.Where Does The Life Energy Come From?

The Life Energy is produced by the body after eating and breathing, no matter whether any special practices were done or not. The body will produce Life Energy everyday automatically for the daily consumption of all body activities. Please be noted that Life Energy is not nutrition but something above which stores and moves in the meridians. Meridians are channels of transferring the Life Energy to every part of the body where they are needed. Only when the amount of Life Energy produced everyday is more than that consumed, the total amount of Life Energy in the body will increase.

That is how a man will get more Life Energy. So it is obvious that if a man wants to increase the total amount of Life Energy in his body, he need to increase the productivity of Life Energy of his body. The technique introduced in our course will be of great help in increasing the productivity of Life Energy.

5. What Is The Blockage In The Meridians?

Most people understand that blockages in the meridians will cause illnesses, but what actually the blockage is?

Given the above basic understandings, here we came to know that the tunnel-shaped continuous spaces so called meridians are fulfilled with Life Energy. In another words, the existence of meridian spaces are maintained because of the strong inner-supporting forces given by the Life Energy within the meridians.

If there is no or not enough Life Energy at a certain section of meridians, there will be not enough inner supporting force to maintain the meridian spaces, so that the meridian spaces will be vanished by the squeezing forces given by the muscles, skins, organs, cell tissues, etc. cause it is explained that the meridian spaces go between skins, muscles, organs, cell tissues, etc. If there is no or not enough supporting forces given by Life Energy, there will be no or not enough any counter-forces to go against the squeezing forces given by the physical body, which in turn will make the skins and muscles to stick together, and the point where the meridian space is vanished by the stickiness of the skins and muscles, organs, cell tissues, etc. is what we called Meridian Blockage. The longer time they stick together, the harder and more painful to unstick them.

6. Why Do Meridian Blockages Lead to Chronic Diseases?

As stated above, Life Energy provides energy to all body activities. In addition, the Qi and Blood Theory, one of the foot-stones of Traditional Chinese Medicine, says that Life Energy is the General/Guide of blood. It means if the Life Energy is not able to get to some certain points/parts of the body due to blockages, the blood is not able to get to or work at those points/parts as well. Life Energy transfer/provide energy to body cells while blood provide nutrition and oxygen. If there is a blockage in the meridian, the cells of those blocked areas are not able to receive energy to support their own activities including absorbing nutrition and oxygen, including cell-splintering, etc. and these affected cellular activities are critical to the proper functioning of the related organs and their Self-Healing ability.

So why there is a constipation, because the bowel does not have enough energy to support its own movements because of the blockages on related meridians.

And why it is chronic rather than all of a sudden? Because the meridian system spreads throughout the body, and there are numberless tiny meridians. The number of blockages increases gradually alongwith the gradual reduction at total amount of Life Energy and this process may take years.

In addition, in those years of increasing blockages, mutations may happen on those body cells of the blocked areas due to the deteriorated inner environment lacking of energy, nutrition and oxygen, which further leads to many physical issues such as ulceration, etc. or even cancerization.

7. How To Clear Meridian Blockages?

Given above, it is clear that the meridian blockages are the root causes of many chronic diseases. So to deal with those disorders, it has to be the root method aiming at the root causes which is to clear the blockages. Since the blockages are the points where the meridian spaces vanished by the stickiness of skins and muscles, organs, cell tissues, etc., to clear the blockages is to unstick the stickiness.

There are many ways to do that, e.g. acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina, Tai Chi, etc. These methods are helpful, but they also have their limitation which is they mostly use the current Life Energy existing in your body at the moment to penetrate those blockages, but with little help at increasing the total amount of Life Energy. If the level of your Life Energy is already at a lower level, these methods will be of little help or it may take much longer time to clear the blockages which sometimes may not be able to catch up with the pace of deterioration of physical disorders. The fact is that a person with some kind of chronic disease for years, the total amount of Life Energy in their body is already at a lower level.

That is why the technique that our course is providing is highly recommended, because it is very effective at nurturing and accumulating the Life Energy to a higher level within a short period of days.

Once the total amount of Life Energy is at a higher level, it will endow the Life Energy with much stronger forces to penetrate the blockages by itself and on its own intelligence which is the most fundamental and wise method to clear all blockages within human body.

8. How Would The Disorders Be Back To Normal?

Once the blockages are cleared, the cell tissues of the former blocked areas are able to regain the Life Energy from the meridians to support or normalize their own functional activities including absorbing nutrition and oxygen and cell-splintering, etc. so that the self-healing ability becomes stronger enough to normalize the disorder of that particular part of body.

It is also obvious that the normalization at the disordered area of your body also consumes your Life Energy, so practice of this technique shall be kept going in order to provide continuous energy support until the disorders are back to normal.

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